Blogs to Lighten Your Seasonal Load

Christmas cheer comes in so many forms, but giving can be a bit stressful. Marketers are hurling everything your way like a frenzied snowball fight that you really didn't ask to join. To simplify matters, we've shared some very useful faith-based and friendly blogs to help cut through the clutter.
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Photo by Pippalou

Baby Steps, Huge Success

International hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky, said, "Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases..." Is PROCRASTINATION strangling your dreams like an anaconda? Then say goodbye to that ugly P-word, not tomorrow, but today! Continue reading...

The Fact Is We All Need Eyeballs

At FaithLauncher, your success is as much our priority as making it easier to run  an effective crowdfunding campaign. You've worked hard enough to get here and now you need friends, supporters, and a ton of eyeballs to win. Winning means raising an aware
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It’s Alive! All Summer Long Show Heats Up The Web & TV for Teens

Remember these fun summer dreamers? We introduced them to you in May of 2013 when they were shaking the trees, building buzz about their innovative reality show, and aiming to hit their production funding goals. Well, seek, knock, and ask and you will find -- they did it! Continue reading...