Christian Kickstarter?

The most common question we get is, “oh you guys are like Kickstarter right?” Well sort of…

So we decided to write a post to make it easy to understand how we are alike and how we are different as some are referring to FaithLauncher as the Christian Kickstarter…

Although we are flattered by the complement there are quite the number differences between FaithLauncher and Kickstarter.

Kickstarter founded in 2008 uses an “All or Nothing” funding model; meaning that if a project won’t receive any funds unless it reaches it’s funding goal. The truth is that even if you raised 99.9% of your goal, and toiled, lived and breathed crowdfunding, unfortunately you still wouldn’t see a penny.

With only about 40% of Kickstarter projects reaching their goal…this is a big point to keep in mind.

Kickstarter also gears its platform to secular creative projects; that’s it. It cannot be a campaign; it must be a project with a definitive end in mind. Of course this can be subjective but its left to the Kickstarter gods to decide.  For example,  Kickstarter wouldn’t allow you to raise funds to start a business.

But here is the BIG one that affects those in the faith based arena; you cannot raise funds for charity or do cause funding.  If you are a non profit, a church or ministry, you are almost guaranteed to have your project  rejected if submitted to Kickstarter.

Here is how FaithLauncher differs from Kickstarter:


FaithLauncher is a  crowdfunding platform exclusively for faith based projects with a “Keep it All” funding model. We believe that any funds that you are able to raise should be kept by you the project owner in order  to keep refining your idea.

FaithLauncher went into private Beta in the 2nd half of 2012 (Jan update: we came out of Beta in the beginning of 2013); so ‘yes’ we are a baby compared to Kickstarter.  Hey, it was only four years ago that Kickstarter was in diapers too.

The point is that comparing statistics between FaithLauncher and Kickstarter is like the old cliche “comparing apples with oranges.”   You would only hope and really expect that in 4 years Kickstarter would have had more projects started & funded.

At FaithLauncher we understand the Christian audience and what you are looking for; as we are Christians ourselves! This   platform was built keeping in mind what Christians would like to see and we are committed to continue tailoring it to you. Send us your ideas/suggestions; we’d love to hear from you to info [@]

Another key difference is that you don’t have to be a crowdfunding ninja when you come to our site;  we offer coaching to lessen the learning curve.  There are many facets that enable a campaign to be successful; thats for another day but here is one example, if you don’t know how to tailor your project pitch or what to do to prepare for the “pre-launch” stage you don’t have to fret because we are here to coach you through it.

Our vision is to build the largest most supportive community of faith-based projects. With that in mind we decided early on that we wanted to partner with you to attract eye balls to your campaign. We know that takes a lot of work!

Now here is the beauty about launching on FaithLauncher. If your project is targeting Christians then “why not” launch on a site that works day and night to market and attract that same audience?? Seems obvious right? We think so 🙂

But we didn’t want to stop there.

We wanted to find ways to proactively promote the hottest projects coming out of the Kingdom. If you are willing to put in the work to present your project in the best possible light and are able to mobilize your network to help you achieve 30% of your goal then we attach some extra rockets to your campaign by actively promoting it through our various social channels, blog, affiliate partners and possibly even on our newsletter!!

Now thats value! Helping to  increase your chances of getting extra targeted exposure.

Oh, and if you still did needed some extra help like lining up online influencers or maximizing Twitter to help drive traffic to your campaign and/or even help with your video pitch; well fortunately we can help you with that as well. We call those our Added Value Services.

Try asking Kickstarter or any other platform if they’ll do any of this.

Whats our mission? to empower Christians everywhere to build the Kingdom and positively influence culture. This will  happen when we all work together; leaving behind how we are different and focusing on what we have in common!

Therefore, lets bring all Christian projects under one roof. Lets support one another giving all the  glory to the biggest Faithdoer of them all.

I hope this gives you a better picture of who we are.  Get moving and start the launch process; we’ll be on stand by for any questions you might have to coach you through it.


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  1. This is such a Godsend! I encourage you to continue on this great path. Use ideas from the successful platforms and make it your own be the best of all!

  2. This is so needed in the body of Christ where many do not see the vision that God has placed within one’s heart by the blessed Holy Spirit to make financial resources available to complete that which has been placed on their hearts.

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