Crowdfunding: Is It Any Different If You Are A Christian?

In this blog post we are going to dig a little deeper; and discuss how each project’s success really begins with YOU.

Who do you need to model to be successful?

What should we keep at the fore front of our minds??

Answer:  Tell yourself, “I need to always keep in mind that before being a Project Owner, “I am a Christian”.

Thats it!

Okay, maybe that not just it but it does succinctly summarize my main point in this blog post. No matter how much you want your project to succeed  you need to remember that above all else who this project is really for; or should be for better said.  If this project is all about You and what You want I’m not saying that it won’t succeed but as a Christian I believe we should have a higher calling.

Here is what comes to mind:

What does it mean to keep who we are at the fore front of what we do as Project Owners?

Well, I think I can break it down in three simple things:

  1. The project is being pursued first for the glory of God and then for our own aspirations.
  2. As project owners we will not compromise our core values and convictions for success.
  3. We will rely on God completely through out the project by humbling ourselves in prayer.

Remember that above all else to be a successful Project Owner we stay true to who we are and what we value the most. At FaithLauncher that is why Faith comes before Launch!

How else can we ensure that we still true to our faith above all else?


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