Every Christian Filmmaker’s Dream!

Want to make a movie?

Consider entering the 168 Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition for the opportunity of a lifetime. If you are new to filmmaking, why not make this your turning point and advance from thinking about writing your screenplay to actually doing it? In the Write of Passage competition, writers craft a 12-page script, based on a scripture, in 168 hours (one week). 168 participation has been called “life-changing” by hundreds of artists.


The minimal entry fee is a clear and welcoming incentive. But you may want to enter sooner than later because the price increases between now and October.

The Write of Passage purse includes a $1,000 First Prize plus introductions to writer/producers like Luke Schelhaas (THE GOOD WIFE, LAW AND ORDER) and Brian Bird (WHEN CALLS THE HEART). Finalist scripts may be produced for the 168 Film Festival’s Write of Passage Spotlight

For Christan filmmakers (including aspiring ones), this level of support was designed to encourage and empower you with several breakthrough opportunities. Founded in 2003, the 168 Film Project is an incubator for writers and filmmakers to explore scripture and to practice their craft. “168” films uplift and inform the human condition, showing real consequences for actions and reflecting traditional, conservative Biblical values. Content rules do not require overtly Christian characters, just real ones. Quite often we see believers and non-believers actively working together to gain understanding of the Scripture. Sometimes “the lights go on” and lives are changed in astounding ways. Many non-Christians are part of the nearly 2000 attendees who come to the 168 Film Festival each year. Every film’s verse is voiced after screening. We think that is a good thing. This is more of God’s word than many hear in a lifetime.

I highly recommend you learn as much as possible about what you are committing to (in everything you do!) and read the FAQ on Write of Passage for your best knowledge, experience, and results.

Learn more about this year’s 168 Film Festival in Los Angeles.

lTo participate in the 168 Film Festival’s crowdfunding efforts where you can receive DVD’s, tickets, and more, go to FaithLauncher.com.

If you’re interested in writing and filmmaking, this could be your time to take a knee and take the plunge. Let God use you, speak through you, and be revealed through the gifts and desires he has given you to participate in this highly influential medium. In my opinion, there aren’t enough faith-based writers, producers, content, and content providers to support worldwide audiences in knowing God. That is why your calling is so important! I will never forget when I wrote and published my first book: through every little step, God built my faith and used His Word to calm my fears and strengthen my courage, not only to inspire and educate me, but to achieve a life-long dream and complete a treasured labor of love. Now it’s available on Amazon and to the global masses. “Your word is a lamp that gives light wherever I walk.” – Psalm 119:105 cev. And though nothing is promised on earth, everything you do with God and in Christ is blessed.  Here’s a quick blessings. I found a cool, short film script writing helper for you from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. You’re welcome and have fun!



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