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How about starting your week with some great news? This year, FaithLauncher formed an alliance with an exceptionally cool and interesting Christian music portal, With so many great features, including FREE downloads, this is the must-go-to place to find all the latest happenings in Christian music including the latest news, videos, reviews, releases, and interviews about the Christian artists you love and the rising stars you want to check out.

We also know that our FAITHLAUNCHER crowd likes getting the insider details on the companies we respect. So here you have it…what makes CMADDICT such an attractive leader in the Christian music space as they serve believers everywhere? When we asked a few direct questions, we liked what we heard.

FL: What are your core values?
CMADDICT: We believe that Jesus Christ is God who came to earth, died for our sins, and rose again!

FL: What are your primary goals?
CMADDICT: Our primary goals this year, are to provide not only more overall content, but high quality — more up to date — reviews of the most recent album releases. Our readers are our first priority. The content we post aims to inform them the best we are able so they have all the latest news and reviews in Christian music.

FL: How do you plan to impact the culture of your audience?
CMADDICT: We hope that by informing our audience of great new Christian music, that it will impact our current culture in a positive and Godly way. That by spreading music with strong Christian lyrics we can help reach out to the world with the hope that only Jesus can give.

FL: What’s the best way for viewers to engage you?
CMADDICT: The best way for viewers to engage us would be on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Viewers have the greatest chance of interacting with us on Twitter as we have a strong presence there and maintain a good relationship with our followers. But we welcome as many Facebook fans as we can get as our following continues to grow.

FL: What are your best practices?
CMADDICT: Readers can expect the latest Christian videos to be posted as soon as we see them; and reviews for new and upcoming albums to be posted before or on release day.CMADDICT LOGO

FL: How should every subscriber or viewer expect to benefit from a relationship with you?
CMADDICT: Viewers can expect to get the very latest in Christian music news, not just posted on site, but delivered to them via newsletter or their favorite social network. Not only will viewers get the latest news but they will also find great new music available free for download on our popular downloads page.

FL: What benefits do you intend to provide through FaithLauncher?
CMADDICT: By using the available link, viewers and artists can get a discount when they create their Faithlauncher campaign.

FL: Who are your partners?
CMADDICT: Besides Faithlauncher, we have worked in the past with other industry leaders such as Family Christian Stores and FaithVillage.

FL: What would you like to highlight about your work, team, growth, resources?
CMADDICT: We have seen increased growth this year and have added four new contributors to our site to help us continue to grow our content. would especially excited to off you their free downloads and recent album reviews. Don’t miss out on free music and be sure to tell you friends!


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