Have You Heard of WorshipMob?

I literally stumbled across WorshipMob on Youtube one day when I was looking for a Christian band with some exceptional musicality. Before I say anything more, let one example of the ‘mob’s soul-moving jam sessions speak for itself. I especially love the last 15 minutes of this one.

You can see/hear why I was instantly hooked.

Simply put, WorshipMob is a non-profit ministry, providing free, live, Spirit-filled worship music to the world (as stated on their website). Over 100 musicians and 25 churches have been involved in their live recorded worship sessions.

The group is based out of Colorado Springs, CO and can be found on Youtube, Facebook, at Twitter @worshipmob, and at worshipmob.com. You can access free downloads when you like their Facebook page and they have apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android offering you 20 hours of free streaming music.

Having lived in Colorado, I’m not surprised to see that this is their home base. There is just something about the Rockies that carries you to a Heavenly state of mind, heart, and soul (if you happen to be looking). It’s also extraordinary that WorshipMob is being so effective at delivering free, top quality music to international audiences at no cost. That’s not really plausible without God’s favor, a lot of resources, and outstanding outreach capabilities. Clearly they believe that …with God all things are possible¬†so — if you love their sound and have the means — you may want to contribute to their excellent efforts on their site.

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