Imagine What They Saw In Christmas

There it glimmered, an unimaginable future based on an irrevocable plan that would physically and spiritually overtake our world of slavery and darkness through the birth of one babe. Isaiah saw it, and about 700 years later, three wise men known as the Magi beheld it too. But most of us think that they foresaw the birth of Jesus and His categorical impact on mankind — his gift of eternal grace and salvation for all who would want it — and the unparalleled feat of victory over death through his resurrection that would benefit, again, all of humankind. They actually saw this and much more. They gazed beyond the course of our terrestrial existence and into the domain of our Lord’s kingdom to which we are all invited to live past our earthly expiration. They practically tasted the water at the end of the stream who’s life force could only lead to a place of unsurpassed peace, love, beauty, and perfection. No wonder the three wise men were willing to risk everything — trekking over mountains and harsh, measureless deserts, braving weather and wilderness, hostiles and demons — to find baby Jesus and deliver the best of their riches to honor Him. Nothing could be more important. They wanted to follow Him to that place where only the Messiah, their Creator could lead them. Their joy in finding Him must have unleashed an outpouring of cathartically grateful tears that would strengthen their hearts forever.

Do our lives mirror their journey? Do we press forward to find Him, knowing that all other enticing streams are secondary because only His gives us life? And every year, every corner of the planet ignites for an entire season to celebrate His Spirit of giving. As you read through the prophet Isaiah’s report, pause to envision what both he and the Magi discovered about Christmas.

Isaiah 11:1-10 CEV

1afc8c79c1f8e8cd3b1975f2a136bb0a“Like a branch that sprouts
from a stump,
someone from David’s family
will someday be king.

The Spirit of the Lord
will be with him
to give him understanding,
wisdom, and insight.
He will be powerful,
and he will know
and honor the Lord.
His greatest joy will be
to obey the Lord.


This king won’t judge
by appearances
or listen to rumors.
The poor and the needywalking-on-water
will be treated with fairness
and with justice.
His word will be law
everywhere in the land,
and criminals
will be put to death.
Honesty and fairness
will be his royal robes.

Leopards will lie down
with young goats,
and wolves will rest
with lambs.
Calves and lions
will eat together
and be cared for
by little children.
Cows and bears will share
the same pasture;
their young will rest
side by side.
Lions and oxen
will both eat straw.

Little children will play
near snake holes.
Kingdom-Isaiah 11_6-7They will stick their hands
into dens of poisonous snakes
and never be hurt.

Nothing harmful will take place
on the Lord’s holy mountain.
Just as water fills the sea,
the land will be filled
with people
who know
and honor the Lord.”


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