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Meet Your Connection for the Best in Christian Music and More

When it comes to Christian music, it’s refreshing to find a site that appreciates your need for variety. Christian Music Source is the online place to find, hear, see, and enjoy a wide range of choices in soul-stirring music, videos, and news.And if you are a Christian music artist, you ‘ll definitely appreciate their interest in your work and how they can help you connect with your audience.

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A snapshot of only some of the artists you’ll find at Christian Music Source.

We caught up with Andrew Bernabe, Founder of Christian Music Source, to get the 411 about their company and plans to make one of your favorite places to be.

FL:  Tell us about your core values?
CMS: The Christian Music Source is an organization to support Christian music in all aspects.
Our passion is to do everything we can to help, and spread the word about Christian artists in the Christian entertainmenet industry.

FL: Who Does Christian Music Source serve?
CMS: Christian music artists and anyone involved in the Christian entertainment industry. We also serve the fans  by providing them with information about their favorite artists and helping them find music from artists that they may not of heard of yet.

FL: What are your primary goals?
CMS: We want to be known for our individualized care of artists. Help artists make more connections with each other to become a community with a common goal to reach out to others with the message of hope in Jesus. [And] be the first name that artists think of and mention to others when it comes to promotional needs.

FL: How do you plan to impact the culture of your audience?

CMS: Music makes a big impact on the hearts and minds of people. It is our desire to expose people to music and entertainment that has a positive message full of hope.

FL: What’s the best way for viewers to engage you?

CMS: Through social media. You can find us on Facebook: and on Twitter:
Our Facebook and Twitter are not connected so you will rarely receive identical posts back-to-back.

FL: What are your best practices?

CMS: Praying for those that we serve. Striving to give artists individualized care. We work to create a community of support. We have a private group on Facebook where artists and those who are involved in the Christian entertainment industry can fellowship, connect, and collaborate.

FL: How should every subscriber or viewer expect to benefit from a relationship with you?
CMS: Artists can benefit from our free promotional services. We can help an artist book shows and get in contact with labels,
booking agents, managers, and more.
If an artist already has all the above, then we would love to work with their management.
FL: What benefits do you intend to provide through FaithLauncher?
CMS: We want to help promote the artists during and after their experience with FaithLauncher.
FL: Who are your partners?
CMS: We consider everyone we promote to be our partners. All we ever ask in return is that they tell others about Christian Music Source so that we can continue to grow and help more artists.FL: What would you like to highlight about your work, team, growth, resources?
CMS: We have a website where you will find interviews, videos, and news about the artists we  promote. Our team is screened and has a strong commitment to treat each artist wih respect. We focus on what each artist wants promoted.

FL: What would you like us to help spread the word about?
CMS: We want artists to know we are here to help and that everything we do is free.

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