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Let me begin by saying that this is not a product review. Our intention is to help identify solutions that may be worth checking out for yourself. That’s one way we can honor your courage and brilliance as you use your gifts to create something valuable in this world. Technology is moving very quickly and, as long as we’re here, we like helping you keep up with whatever is new and beneficial. We also find that it can’t hurt to feel and look smart while you’re out there making a difference for mankind. We’d also like to help you hit the easy button in the midst of assembling the perfect production team, figuring out your shooting locations, casting your movie, and scripting the best film your target audience will ever see (until your next one comes out). In these tech friendly days, the old magic of filmmaking is now found in FREE apps that assist you in producing your cinematic works. If you are just getting started in the business, you might find this particular one invaluable.

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Gobo is a digital dictionary for filmmakers. It houses a wide range of essential industry terms and phrases, including film crew descriptions. Producers, directors, and others use this vernacular while working on a film or video. This nifty, educational, pocket tool offers superb convenience — giving smart a whole new level of satisfaction.  It even includes a guide for charting common light source color temperatures such as daylight, candlelight, fluorescent light, etc.


When I saw “Cloud Syncing and Sharing of Storyboards” as a feature on the Celtx Shots app, I got pretty pumped. Creating storyboards on your iPad or Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 11.42.04 PMiPhone (it’s designed for both) also sounded heavenly. I couldn’t wait to download this tool and start playing with it — learning a few features pretty quickly. I also installed additional art packages. One thing I would like the creators to provide is a tutorial on Youtube so that we can learn all the features more efficiently. Man! I still can’t believe it was all free.

Having effective tech tools on my iPhone makes me feel supported — and a bit like James Bond who just met with Q and picked up some deftly fun,  secret weapons, haha…except I would be Jane Bond. I do love compact functionality. This doesn’t spell the end of napkin drawings for sure, but, with Celtx I can save and share ideas interactively with my team.


Place your trust in the Eternal [Christ]; rely on Him completely; never depend upon your own ideas and inventions. – Prov 3:5 voice


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