Super Bowl Cars, Kids, and Puppies

When it comes to the Super Bowl television ad line up, it’s always fun to see who is paying over 6 million dollars (approximate ad price this year) to do a happy dance in the consumer end zone with you. This Sunday, February 1st, you’ll see a variety of ads directed at male viewers throughout the game. There will also be plenty of standouts trying to capture a broader audience by incorporating clean humor, family heartstrings, and the ever popular fun stuff in their record breaking, high priced, 30 or 60 second pitch.

We had to assemble these sneak peaks for you starting with the two face-off ads between KIA and BMW (clearly targeting a mature age demographic). Also, GoDaddy had to say go puppy and pull the controversial ad due to immediate backlash. Let is know what you think. There will be no shortage of brands delivering snack foods and humor, and, for the first time, NO MORE will air a spot addressing domestic violence from a thinking woman’s perspective.

So let’s get started and please do make comments and share with your friends as we approach the big game day that claimed 111.5 million viewers (Nielsen) last year.

KIA makes a play for the classic man of action.



BMW’s i3 electric car shows us the how quickly technology is flying.



Dove wants to talk to your daddy!



Doritos wants you to pick the ad that goes to the Super Bowl.



NO MORE handles a powerful message about domestic violence with sheer intelligence.



GoDaddy had a quick change of heart this week. Would you have pulled this ad?


Katy Perry will perform at half time and don’t forget about Valentines Day coming right up! You’ll see an ad for that by Victoria’s Secret on game day. We’ll leave with some inspiration from Amy Purdy and Toyota.




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