Every Christian Filmmaker’s Dream!

Want to make a movie? Consider entering the 168 Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition for the opportunity of a lifetime. If you are new to filmmaking, why not make this your turning point and advance from thinking about writing
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Top 10 Christian Movies on CFDb

Top 10 Christian Movies on CFDb

Looking for some family friendly entertainment during Thanksgiving week? FaithLauncher is happy to present CFDb's most current list of Christian films. Continue reading...

The New Christian Film Movement by Adventfilmmakers.org

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Christian Kickstarter?

The most common question we get is, "oh you guys are like Kickstarter right?" Well sort of... So we decided to write a post to make it easy to understand how we are alike and how we are different as some are referring to FaithLauncher as the Christian Kickstarter... Continue reading...