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3 Myths of Church Crowdfunding

Who said that crowdfunding was only for Artists and Entrepreneurs? If  you represent a church or ministry of some kind and haven't explored the possibility of running a crowdfunding campaign you are step behind. Its no secret that the Church has traditionally been the slowest at adapting to c
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Christian Kickstarter?

The most common question we get is, "oh you guys are like Kickstarter right?" Well sort of... So we decided to write a post to make it easy to understand how we are alike and how we are different as some are referring to FaithLauncher as the Christian Kickstarter... Continue reading...

Christian Films Aiming to Change Hollywood

For the past 5 years the Pan Pacific Film Festival (PPFF) has been committed to empowering Christian creatives (including filmmakers, directors, producers, artists and many others) to have a forum where they can showcase their talent and produce positive faith based content. Continue reading...

Deadly Sins of Christian Fundraising

If you are doing Christian fundraising (Christian Crowdfunding) you should realize that there are certain factors outside of the obvious that will lead to the success of your efforts. Your success will be contingent on key spiritual truths.

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