Blogs to Lighten Your Seasonal Load

Christmas cheer comes in so many forms, but giving can be a bit stressful. Marketers are hurling everything your way like a frenzied snowball fight that you really didn't ask to join. To simplify matters, we've shared some very useful faith-based and friendly blogs to help cut through the clutter.
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Have You Heard of WorshipMob?

I literally stumbled across WorshipMob on Youtube one day when I was looking for a Christian band with some exceptional musicality. (mo
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Meet Your Connection for the Best in Christian Music and More

When it comes to Christian music, it's refreshing to find a site that appreciates your need for variety. Christian Music Source is the online place to find, hear, see, and enjoy a wide range of choices in soul-stirring music, videos, and news. Continue reading...


Get Your Christian Music Fix!

How about starting your week with some great news? This year, FaithLauncher formed an alliance with an exceptionally cool and interesting Christian music portal, cmaddict.com. Continue reading...