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A Love That Protects Everyone

According to Gallup research, in the U.S., 77% of the adult population identify with a Christian religion... Continue reading...

Things I Pondered Climbing Down the Mount –

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

- Matthew 5:5

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Coolest iPad App For Kids

Jonathan Perkins, the creator of the Noah 360 App for iPad, is a young, visionary Faith Doer. He recently served as a lead evangelist in Central America for the Iglesia Internacional de Cristo, El Salvador for two years and is currently Continue reading...
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3 Myths of Church Crowdfunding

Who said that crowdfunding was only for Artists and Entrepreneurs? If  you represent a church or ministry of some kind and haven't explored the possibility of running a crowdfunding campaign you are step behind. Its no secret that the Church has traditionally been the slowest at adapting to c
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