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3 Myths of Church Crowdfunding

Who said that crowdfunding was only for Artists and Entrepreneurs? If  you represent a church or ministry of some kind and haven't explored the possibility of running a crowdfunding campaign you are step behind. Its no secret that the Church has traditionally been the slowest at adapting to c
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Christian Films Aiming to Change Hollywood

For the past 5 years the Pan Pacific Film Festival (PPFF) has been committed to empowering Christian creatives (including filmmakers, directors, producers, artists and many others) to have a forum where they can showcase their talent and produce positive faith based content. Continue reading...
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Church Giving Down: Can Crowdfunding Help?

What is state of giving for churches today? According to a Huffington Post article: "This has been the worst season of our lifetime in declines in giving," said Brian Kluth
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Local Church Meets Crowdfunding

With a passion to spread the Gospel but without the means to keep supporting the mission work in Latin America Lead Evangelist Pedro Garcia-Bengochea had to get creative. Continue reading...