Time to Work Smarter

We say work smarter because when your crowdfunding campaign succeeds, life is especially beautiful. Mountains move and a whole lot of people benefit. At FaithLauncher, you will always receive your share of the funds you raised no matter what. Continue reading...

A Great Video Steals the Crowd

Our goal is to accelerate your success by making every aspect of your crowdfunding campaign easier. Making a short, compelling video is not as hard as it looks. We put together some guidelines to help remove the fear factor and get you up and running. Continue reading...

The Crowdfunding Tools That You Need – Shaping FaithLauncher

First, Big Thanks To Those Who Have Been Supporting

Projects On FaithLauncher!

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NewReleaseTuesday.com Unveils New Crowdfunding Feature

The largest Christian music and entertainment site online, NewReleaseTuesday.com, in partnership with faith-based crowdfunding website FaithLauncher.com, has unveiled a new site feature: LaunchPad. Continue reading...