Deadly Sins of Christian Fundraising

If you are doing Christian fundraising (Christian Crowdfunding) you should realize that there are certain factors outside of the obvious that will lead to the success of your efforts. Your success will be contingent on key spiritual truths.

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Pic by Martin Poljak

Church Giving Down: Can Crowdfunding Help?

What is state of giving for churches today? According to a Huffington Post article: "This has been the worst season of our lifetime in declines in giving," said Brian Kluth
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Local Church Meets Crowdfunding

With a passion to spread the Gospel but without the means to keep supporting the mission work in Latin America Lead Evangelist Pedro Garcia-Bengochea had to get creative. Continue reading...

Online Fundraising Is It Worth It?

There are many who might still wonder whether online fundraising is worth all the hype. What if I told you that online fundraising is growing at about the same rate as the e-commerce retail market? Would you jump on the bandwagon? Continue reading...