What Kind of Business Would Jesus Be Operating?

Entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, and anyone looking for Bible based business advice will really enjoy this article provided by www.gotquestions.org, CEO, S. Michael Houdmann. Grab a fresh glass or cup of refre
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Imagine What They Saw In Christmas

There it glimmered, an unimaginable future based on an irrevocable plan that would physically and spiritually overtake our world of slavery and darkness through the birth of one babe. Continue reading...

Things I Pondered Climbing Down the Mount –

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

- Matthew 5:5

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Deadly Sins of Christian Fundraising

If you are doing Christian fundraising (Christian Crowdfunding) you should realize that there are certain factors outside of the obvious that will lead to the success of your efforts. Your success will be contingent on key spiritual truths.

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