Project Light 2012 Conference – Part 1

We are excited to attend and be Sponsors for Project Light's annual conference which will be held in Pasadena California this weekend August 5th. I actually almost missed the opportunity to attend..
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BIG Need for Faith Based Content

I was speaking with a good friend over the weekend and we started talking about the impact that various media outlets have on our culture and we both agreed that there is really no stronger and more influential outlet than Film/TV. This is a fact whether we like it or not. TV and the content broa
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Local Church Meets Crowdfunding

With a passion to spread the Gospel but without the means to keep supporting the mission work in Latin America Lead Evangelist Pedro Garcia-Bengochea had to get creative. Continue reading...

Online Fundraising Is It Worth It?

There are many who might still wonder whether online fundraising is worth all the hype. What if I told you that online fundraising is growing at about the same rate as the e-commerce retail market? Would you jump on the bandwagon? Continue reading...