To Err Is Human, To Transcend Fear Is Divine.

“But you, O Lord, are always my shield from danger; you give me victory and restore my courage.” – GNT

Anything can trigger a fearful impulse, but God’s Spirit activates peace and courage. Fear is like a surprise that can come on very subtly or full strength from something dressed up in a large, medium, small, or even tiny assault on our peace. We are wired with a neurological system, emotions, and a heart that need healing from negative programming that either we or life circumstances have disrupted. Our faith got crushed somewhere on the road and we installed internal fire alarms, boxing point-counterpointgloves, electrical fences, turtle shells… you name it. We’re even equipped with a fight or flight reaction that we didn’t ask for and, though we don’t summon it, we certainly can learn to manage this involuntary response and choose whether or not we will allow it to derail us.

In my quiet desperation, I rely on stillness and prayer times to quiet the storms. I’ve listened to God’s guidance on fear and anxiety. As our creator, He knows that we are divinely assembled so He wants us to tap into His power, our primary source, to finish the job He started in us. He will “amazingly and miraculously” complete us if we choose to work with Him. His vision is for us to partner with Him in realizing the greatest potential of His elegant design. This includes receiving his supernatural powers of faith, courage, emotional intelligence, wellness, trust, and wisdom — made available to us by Christ. We can release the supreme consciousness of our savior into a freely flowing fountain between Him and us. I used to think He would just zap me (and He could) into this state, but that’s not the formula for building supernatural oneness with the source who is the Christ and His Spirit of extraordinary peace and love. It’s a daily connection, practice, and passion that leads us to this sacred place. Are we not challenged daily after all? Peace vs. fear training is a 24/7 opportunity. If your car was about to go up in flames, would you stand there and watch or pick up a hose to extinguish it before being consumed? Since peace-streaming hoses don’t just magically appear, we have to get ourselves present, connected with God, and reach for what we need from Him, our limitless, merciful Savior every day. It’s a whole lot easier if you walk and talk with Him daily. As a risk taker and a parent, I know I need to be saved every day so I deeply appreciate receiving His mercy. Mother Theresa wrote that we can’t help falling in love with Jesus when we notice how busy He is with us. That’s is a ginormous insight toward teaching us to transcend the petty little ways that hold us back from a supernatural, joy-filled walk with God. Of course our creator celebrates our attitude of gratitude too. It compels His heart and spirit to give us so much more.


“I will give thanks to you because I have been so amazingly and miraculously made.” – Psalm 139 GW

I also couldn’t help noticing that I am constantly on the receiving end of grace and mercy. But I can’t just observe it. It’s a big game changer in my life, peace, fearlessness, and joy when I  respond to it in three ways: One is to express thankfulness to Christ (throughout the day) for the constant patience, love, and forgiveness that flows from the grace He made available to humankind (me in particular). Then I need to make sure I correct my character to stop being critical, impatient, angry, disrespectful, or whatever toxic bomb I’m allowing to go off. Finally, I need to make sure that the grace I’m receiving is flowing out of me and blessing all of my relationships with encouragement, compassion, patience, and whatever is needed. You want to walk on water like Peter did with Jesus? Start by getting in the water with Jesus.

You may feel like you have nothing to offer God – but your heart, in any condition, when given 100% is a priceless treasure to Him. He will bless you beyond your imaginings for giving him every single bit of it. Withhold nothing and trust Him with all the bright, broken, and darkened pieces. Then through you, He will bless others as well because you are one with Him in Spirit. This is the Christ consciousness.

“Who in your community is understanding and wise? Let her/his example, which is marked by wisdom and gentleness, blaze a trail for others.” – James 3:13 voice


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