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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

I ran across this video about three different couples that held my attention, made me uncomfortable at times, and completely inspired me.

I am not recommending anything other than for you to watch it and  ponder over your own perspective concerning them. Each claim to have a relationship with God and each are pursuing something quite out of the ordinary. Also, the video closes with a piece that I found beautiful.


After watching these three stories, questions that came to mind were: How did they get there? and Were they both close to God or did applePyramidone feel more faithful than the other? A popular verse in Matthew 19:26 tells us, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. Personally, I find myself wanting to eat, sleep, breathe, and live in that scripture, without fail, so that I can wrap lifestyle around its Biblical truth…so He can ask me to accomplish anything. Wouldn’t it be great if it were that simple? What if it is? Each couple offered insight into the question of how they mutually arrived at their decisions (no doubt, it had to be mutual). Did you see any strong clues about why they are more than happy with their extraordinary choices? I also found myself believing them even without having to see where it could get messy or excessively challenging for them. I’m certain that I would need a support system – Godly people that love my spouse and I around us – to take on the environments those couples created for themselves. I can’t resist thinking that God would certainly provide that; and that my husband and I wouldn’t have to walk through anything He planned for us on our own. The truth is, I know so. Still, asking God for a big mission is not something most of us do everyday. It’s good to ask ourselves why not. What might be stopping you from trusting God so implicitly that He can take control of your future? One of the spouses in the video mentioned, “it was a departure from anything they’d ever done.” So she was afraid to even bring it (a life altering decision) up.

Clearly, it is okay to be afraid. God made us and he understands our emotions.Puppy

He also knows our hearts better than we do and how much we can take better than we do. What we need to learn, is that we can take everything He brings when we are wholehearted with Him: wealth, poverty, health, illness, tough job, easy job…what matters is our gaze on Him and, also, in my case, I had to learn patience on a whole other level to discover His rest. That determines the outcome of the love story God wants to write with us. Even Einstein pointed out that we can live as though everything is a miracle or that nothing is. I use words like that and especially God’s word to program my brain for victories in the big and small stuff. When I don’t, I’m miserable, fearful, insecure, and bleeding effectiveness as I wobble around on my own strength. I have several different verses that I say throughout the day to keep the power of God’s word and His Spirit giving me the mind of Christ as opposed to the mind of me. It works!

I love the Lord, because he hears me; he listens to my prayers.He listens to meevery time I call to him...– Psalm 116:1-2 GNT



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